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The idle seems to surge and then fall over and over again. Could it be a air leak? I can't seem to find out what it is but am a totally rookie..... Any help is appreciated! My set up is 600cfm 1406 Edl carb Edl perf Intake Edl Alum perf heads - Dave 66 GT RagTop Edelbrock Heads Edelbrock 600cfm Carb Edelbrock Intake
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The causes of white exhaust smoke can vary; however, it is common to see white exhaust smoke when first starting a car, especially on cooler days. This is generally steam caused by condensation.
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Idle-5,500. Material Type: Aluminum. Match with a dependable Edelbrock square-bore carburetor for maximum STREET performance gains. Edelbrock 1406 Performer 600 CFM 4 Barrel Carburetor, Electric Choke.
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Aug 12, 2010 · I just rebuit my edelbrock 1406 carb with electric choke and I cannot get it to idle. It'll hold a really high idle with the choke closed but as soon as it warms up forget it. Adjusting idle screws seem to have no effect.
Apr 13, 2020 · A previous owner swapped the carb with an Edelbrock 1406 which was doing well for me, except the car had a very rough idle which was difficult to set. I found out that the vacuum advance was connected to manifold vacuum and reading a lot of postings all over the web I came to the conclusion that this is one of the reasons for rough idling.
Shop Chevy C10 Truck parts at CJ Pony Parts. FREE shipping is included on most Chevrolet C10 parts and accessories above the minimum order value. Buy online today!
Edelbrock is the most respected name in performance. Since 1938, Edelbrock has manufactured its core products in the USA for quality & performance.
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The idle will drop below 500 and feel like its going to stall. I've done several things to it over the last year. Your thread title, - "rough idle/stall". Then you mention pinging, low idle stalls... Yea, -That's a sticky EGR valve or bad EVR solenoid IMO.

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there will only be one idle day for the 2.2-acres on the My-akka River at the eastern end of Venice Avenue. It was built in 1948 and has been owned byAlston for the past 18years. Recent worries that the operations of the facility - which includes a' restaurant, cabins and boat. launch - would end with the sale were allayed when the board Better Idle and Fuel Efficiency: Edelbrock 1906 incorporates annual flow boosters that come pre-calibrated for improving cruising and off-idle performance of a Chevy 350. Moreover, it is designed to improve fuel atomization, especially when there’s a transition from idle to full throttle. The stock jetting specs in a Edelbrock 1406; main jets .098 - secondary .095 - metering rods .075 x .047 - spring yellow. Timing set at 15 and vacuum is around 12. This was very rich so I changed them to; mains .092 - 2nds .086 - M/R .071 x...I'm bothered with the rough idle when the engine is cold. It has been around low 30's in the morning going to work and upper 40's in the afternoon going home from work. I idle a minute or less before I drive slowly on.Mar 01, 2001 · Summit racing sent us four of the most popular off-road carburetors including a Holley 750-cfm, a brand-new model Holley Street Avenger 670-cfm, an Edelbrock Performer 750-cfm, and an Edelbrock Q ... I have a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe with a 302 and an Edelbrock Performer 1406. Recently the car started running poorly. As well, I moved to an area that is approximately 2500 ft higher in elevation. I began adjusting the air/fuel mixture screws and found that when adjusting the right side screw, the engine idle would go up or down.

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